Month: October 2021

Upcycled Baby Sweater

Upcycled Baby Sweater – Easy Sewing Tutorial

I want a thousand baby sweaters, without breaking the bank! Here is my solution: An upcycled baby sweater from a thrifted adult sweater. A $5 Goodwill sweater can easily be sized down to fit your mini, with just some basic sewing skills. Minimal cuts and seams are used, making this a fast & easy project, with adorable results!

Thrifty Fall Decor

Thrifty Fall Decor: 5 Tips for Creating a Lovely Home

If you follow me over on my Instagram page, you are probably understanding that Autumn is my favorite season, in absolutely every way. From the crisp breeze to the falling leaves, I am in love! The baking and hot soups, the colors and textures, the festivities and decorating…it all makes my heart very happy! Home decorating is also another extreme passion of mine. So can you imagine how much fun I have with Fall decor?? Being thrifty is also super important to me. I don’t like to buy new and expensive, unless it’s something that I really love and can’t recreate. So, here are my top 5 tips for thrifty Fall decor!

First Trimester Foods

First Trimester: Foods for success

The first trimester of pregnancy is notoriously tough. Nausea, fatigue, cravings and aversions…the mental excitement of pregnancy, battling against the physical feeling of gross. Some of these discomforts, you just have to ride out until they pass. Hang in there mama! But there are quite a few ways to cope and support your body through this season, even if you are lying on the couch trying not to vomit all day. The number one way to do so, is through food.

Step out of Line

Yellow Stars & Vaccine Cards: Step out of Line

That sentence dictates an action. A physical stepping away from the line of folks who are walking toward an end that isn’t pretty. That’s the story behind this phrase. A Jewish woman asked her Nazi guard, as she stood in the line of victims waiting to be shot, “What would happen if I simply stepped out of line, right now?” The Nazi replied, “Well. I wouldn’t shoot you. I don’t know if anyone else would, but I wouldn’t.” She stepped out line. She lived. She survived. She went on to see freedom and change and her children’s children, living in a better world.