Step out of Line

Yellow Stars & Vaccine Cards: Step out of Line

A Word of Warning:

“Step out of line”
That sentence dictates an action. A physical stepping away from the line of folks who are walking toward an end that isn’t pretty. That’s the story behind this phrase. A Jewish woman asked her Nazi guard, as she stood in the line of victims waiting to be shot, “What would happen if I simply stepped out of line, right now?” The Nazi replied, “Well. I wouldn’t shoot you. I don’t know if anyone else would, but I wouldn’t.” She stepped out line. She lived. She survived. She went on to see freedom and change and her children’s children, living in a better world.
That story is pretty inspiring. But also haunting. It speaks of a time in history where a group of people were made out to be a problem, dirty and less valuable than the rest. Doesn’t that sound eerily familiar? Sure, we are by no means at a Holocaust level of dehumanization yet! But don’t you remember your history lessons? Jews weren’t one day randomly dragged from their homes with no warning. They were oh so slowly brought lower and lower in public society, in the eyes of their fellow citizens, until they were powerless to do anything but get on that terrifying train ride that would dump them in a death camp.
She stepped out of line, just in time. But don’t you wish somebody, or lots of somebody’s, had stepped out of line earlier in history? When yellow stars were hung in windows and sewn on sleeves, when children were taught that the government knew best, when so many restrictions were falling into place for this people group…that was the time to rise and do the work.

The time is now:

Yellow stars and vaccine cards. It sounds ridiculous, but is it? Are you subtly being led to believe that those people in your life who have decided to decline this shot are less than you? Aren’t as loving as you? Aren’t as safe as you? Should be controlled and restricted? Do you use the word “anti” to describe your fellow humans who have weighed the risk vs reward and decided differently than you? Of course you would never say that my baby and I should be carted off to a camp because we are vax free! But are you okay with businesses and workplaces and public rights being denied to me because of it? If you aren’t okay with that, are you saying so? Is your silence aiding the current crisis that is happening all around?
Families everywhere facing unemployment because they are declining this shot. Expecting mothers, unable to find care providers who will take them on without their shot. Coffee shops and concerts, denying entry to those without that little card marking their vaccine status. That’s just right now in the great US of A. Do you know what’s going on in Australia? In Canada? It’s time you start looking up.

Step out of line:

Use your voice.
Effect change.
Protect freedom.
Stand up.
Do your civic duty.
Use your mind.
Be a true patriot.

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