Thrifty Fall Decor

Thrifty Fall Decor: 5 Tips for Creating a Lovely Home

If you follow me over on my Instagram page, you are probably understanding that Autumn is my favorite season, in absolutely every way. From the crisp breeze to the falling leaves, I am in love! The baking and hot soups, the colors and textures, the festivities and decorating…it all makes my heart very happy! Home decorating is also another extreme passion of mine. So can you imagine how much fun I have with Fall decor?? Being thrifty is also super important to me. I don’t like to buy new and expensive, unless it’s something that I really love and can’t recreate. So, here are my top 5 tips for thrifty Fall decor!

1. Cozy Textiles

Thrifted Fall table runner
Thrifty Fall tablescape

Textiles are a sure way to bring your home decorating to the next level, no matter the season. But particularly in the cozier months of the year. The colors and the feel of a fabric can add SO much warmth to a space! It’s not difficult to find a thrifty Fall option. This lovely rust colored table runner really fills out my tablescape, bringing depth to the other neutral elements…and it’s a $2 curtain panel from Goodwill! Never skip the curtain hangings at Goodwill, it’s a goldmine for pieces to use in your home or for a scrap sewing project! Cheap yardage that is unique for you!

Fall throw blanket
Fall Pillows

Another obvious way to use textiles around your home is throw blankets and pillows! Having specific blankets to switch out for the season, makes it special and festive as you curl up with a book and an autumn harvest candle. Again, these aren’t expensive to slowly add to your home. Watch for those early season 50% off sales, where you can get that Fall throw for cheap! Don’t just look at home stores like Target or Amazon…craft stores have a wonderful selection of seasonal home items. This burnt orange blanket is so soft and came from Joann Fabric’s last year!

Ikea is my go-to though, for economical options. They have a huge variety of throw pillows in various colors…these were each only $4 a piece!

2. Handmade Pumpkins

My favorite piece of thrifty Fall decor is a pretty little handmade pumpkin. Sure, there are beautiful fake pumpkins that you can buy at the store (Targets gold pumpkins were very tempting this year!). But growing up with the mix-matched, handmade pumpkins at mom’s house, with cinnamon sticks for stems, it felt so homey and right. You can make them in a variety of sizes, with any colors and textures that you like! They can fit right into whatever color scheme you have for your decor. I love being able to make mine with white tones to fit in with my handmade farmhouse feel. And the best part? Cheapest pumpkins you could ever find! There are so many ways to make handmade pumpkins, with so many tutorials on Pinterest. Essentially, a rectangle of fabric with a seam up the back, cinched ends with stuffing inside…add a stem and you’ve got it! 

handmade pumpkins
fabric farmhouse pumpkins
farmhouse fall decor

3. Bring Nature Inside

A simple, cost-effective, but beautiful way to decorate for this season is to bring the outdoors in. Pumpkins, all squashes, pinecones, acorns & buckeyes…all make for beautiful fillers inside your home. Dried seasonal wildflowers can really add character to the space, and bring in that feeling of the changing season. Think outside of the box! Painting dried leaves and stringing them along, foraging for brush stems to add to your vase, dry some wood slices to use in various ways…the options are endless and cheap!

Natural Fall Decor

4. Cozy Candlelight

I am a huge advocate for warming up your home with cozy candles and fairy lights, especially as we enter the colder months. This is a great thrifty Fall decor option…I get 2 candle tapers for $1 at Dollar Tree! They have crystal candlesticks there too, that you can spray paint like I did! As it gets darker each evening, earlier and earlier, it’s so lovely to light the candles and curl up together with a book or movie…to really soak in the warmth of your home and of the company you keep.

cozy candlelight
Thrifty Fall Decor

5. Use the colors of the season

This isn’t a specific item to add to your thrifty Fall decor lineup…But it’s a practical rule to stick to as you’re hunting out pieces for your home. For example, I keep a copper cake stand in my Fall box. It’s just a pretty cake stand that we used for our wedding…but the copper color of it fits in so prettily with Fall! Another example of color collecting would be the very popular amber glass bottles (goodwill has you covered!). These look beautiful amongst your pumpkins and dried flowers. Again, this is an area where thinking outside of the box helps to bring unique pieces into your home, that really boosts your Fall decorating.

Fall decorating

Thrifting for Fall decorations can be so fun, and really add something special to your little collection besides the cookie cutter Target pieces. Get creative and enjoy the process. Make a Pinterest board, get inspiration, start hunting. This season is so refreshing, cozy, and beautiful – I love sitting in my home that’s been decorated to match that feeling.

Happy Autumn to you friend!


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