newborn essentials: my top picks for the first three months

My baby boy is six months old now! Where does the time go?? That newborn season flies right by. Looking back on the last several months since he was born, I can definitely say my life and heart are forever changed by this Little Love in our life!

 Don’t let the title fool you, I don’t really think there are such things as newborn “essentials”. You really don’t need much for those snuggly newborn days…just your warm arms and affection, a blanket, and good milk! But there are a few certain things that I was glad to have on hand in caring for little Noah Jackson! They made life easier in those early days of long nights and new discoveries as a mama.

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Moses basket:

This beautiful, hand-woven Moses basket from Design Dua, has been perfect for our little family. We set it up next to our bed, for easy access all night long. A bedside bassinet is so useful and practical, but I loved that this basket option is also lovely, timeless, and will hold up through the years.


We picked out a plain basket weave, with white leather-covered handles, and a white wooden rocking stand. There is a firm mattress that fits perfectly inside, and we used these muslin sheets. Design Dua has lots of different basket weave designs, colors and styles, as well as a rocking or standing option to set the basket on. I loved being able to rock the basket while shushing baby back to sleep. It’s also very convenient to bring downstairs to nap on the kitchen table while mama makes dinner, or to bring along to grandma’s house for naps on the go!

Newborn items
design dua basket
moses basket

Snuggle me organic newborn lounger:

snuggle me newborn lounger

The infant lounger from Snuggle Me Organic is another product that I was so happy to have in those early days! I think this product can be hit or miss for some families, but Jackson loved to be tucked inside for naps. Leaving him safe and snug on the bed while I showered was nice, knowing he couldn’t roll away (Not that my newborn was anywhere near rolling yet, but my postpartum mom brain was sure he would start, as soon as I hopped in the shower!) 

We also used the Snuggle Me for sleeping in those first several weeks. Occasionally laying him down in the lounger on the bed next to me so I could sleep more comfortably, was so nice. It also fits perfectly inside the Moses Basket. 

*I understand that this is not the recommended way to use the lounger, or to co-sleep. But I kept those recommendations in mind, and then made a decision as a mama with good sense, for what was best for our family. I want to keep it real on how I used and enjoyed these products. There are lots of mamas I know who have used these items in the same way, and it worked well for us!

Newborn swaddles:

Onto my favorite brands for a good, soft & snug swaddle! I honestly didn’t even try swaddling Jackson until 3 or 4 weeks, when all of a sudden he would only sleep in my arms, day or night. He wouldn’t let me put him down at all, even for a pee break, and mama was getting a little desperate! I swaddled him up, while still allowing his hips to be free and loose, and laid him in the Snuggle Me…Success! He napped, and I napped!

solly baby swaddle

I was gifted this adorable Solly Baby swaddle and it’s SO soft! It’s definitely the silkiest, softest, snuggliest swaddle I’ve found. I love it! The size made it perfect for newborn swaddling, without all of the extra bulk and fabric. 

Next up is this swaddle from Caden Lane, in the color “Camel”. I was gifted this also, along with this beautiful coordinating robe! This swaddle is amazing! Not quite as silky soft as the Solly, but it’s BIG. We were still been able to use this swaddle as Jackson got bigger. The stretch is great, and it holds babe in snug and close… I highly recommend! 

Caden Lane swaddle

Having stretchy swaddles is important, but I also really loved this pack of muslin swaddles. These are big, and very soft, and great for those newborn days! They are also my favorite to throw over my shoulder while we nurse, because they are light and breathable. The colors are SO lovely!


cloth diapering a newborn:

I had decided we were going to use cloth diapers for our babes before we were even pregnant! They aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure. But for me, it’s been so worth it. We save lots of money, lots of waste, AND get to enjoy all of the super adorable prints and patterns!

I think most folks who cloth diaper, usually use disposables for the first few weeks. But I had what I needed to start off in cloth right away, and it totally worked for us. We had a stash of prefolds from OzoCozy, and then a set of size 1 Thirsties diaper covers. These covers are awesome, because they have a couple of rises, and we are still using them now! But they also get perfectly small enough for a newborn. We found that the jelly roll fold held up best for a tiny butt, without extra bulk. We also had a set of these on hand and they were my favorite for newborn size! No extra bulk, and work really great with a cover…a little more expensive than regular size prefolds, but totally worth it in my opinion.

Newborn cloth diapers
Newborn diaper cover


I ordered a few of these newborn covers off of amazon, and I’m so glad I found them. First off, they are pretty well priced! Secondly, they are even smaller than the Thirsties, perfect for those first couple of weeks. Such cute prints and held up so well!

Also, here is my very favorite all natural rash cream that is cloth diaper safe!

wraps for babywearing:


There are several different types of wraps for wearing your baby, with various fabrics and patterns that allow for all kinds of carries. I loved wearing Jackson from the beginning. His best naps are on momma’s chest, and I get to have my hands free! These are the wraps I’ve ended up using the most:

This Solly Baby stretchy wrap is perfect for the early newborn days, when they are so itty bitty. It’s a simple wrap, and you can keep it on all day and slide baby in and out. There are lots of other great brands of stretchy wraps, so shop around!

Solly Baby wrap
ring sling


Next up is a ring sling. These require a little more learning, just to get it snug in all the right places. But it’s so sweet and easy. This is my favorite on-the-go wrap because it’s so convenient to slide baby in while I grocery shop or sit in church. Pictured is a beautiful Linen-cotton blend wrap from Elizabeth Nathaniel Slings, and it’s perfect – structured, but light and breathable.

Didymos woven wrap


I have two woven wraps, one from Didymos and another from Baby Tula. Woven wraps are long pieces of fabric, like the Solly wrap…but instead of stretchy knit, they are sturdy and supportive, woven together to make a beautiful wrap. If you see a mama wearing her baby on her back, this is the kind of wrap she’s using! There are so very many types of carries and finishes to create with a woven wrap. I end up using these most often, now that Noah Jackson is heavier. It may seem daunting at first, but once you start learning how to  wrap with these, you won’t want to stop!

Woven wrap back carry
baby in a woven wrap

So there you have it, my favorite items for those first days and weeks with baby! All of these things were very helpful to me, but the truth about that newborn season? It’s dreamy. Exhausting. Incredible. So fast. You can only be so prepared…then you just have to dive in.

Enjoy that new baby, mama friend!


mama and her newborn

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