Kombucha brewed at home!

Kombucha Brewing at Home – Second Fermentation

Today we’re going to walk through part two of brewing delicious fizzy kombucha tea, right in your home kitchen. If you are already through the first ferment, you’re in the right place! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, head over here to learn about the first step in the process!

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A healthy SCOBY
Starter tea


So here we go, onto the second ferment! This is the stage where you separate the fermented tea into glass bottles, add sugars and flavoring, and seal tight for another round of fermentation.

The sugars react with the yeast, causing a build up of fizz… giving you that final, delicious, fresh bottle of kombucha!

SCOBY - Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast


Pineapple for kombucha


How do we sugar and flavor the tea? With fruit! The natural sugar in fruits is the perfect way to carbonate your kombucha, and their flavors bring a great taste. Fruits that have a higher sugar content, like apples, will ferment and create fizz faster than fruits with a lower sugar content, like lemons. You can make some awesome flavor combinations with different fruits, roots and herbs…Just be sure you have some good sugar in there to achieve that desired fizzy effect.

Adding in an extra half teaspoon or so of sugar to each bottle is an option if you are using a fruit that’s not very sweet, so you still get good carbonation.  Kombucha brewing at home will include some trial and error to get your favorite combo of flavor, fizz and sweetness.

Have fun with your flavors! Try using fruits of the season and different herbs to add variety. Here is a list of suggestions, I have loved some of these! Ginger juice is my favorite to add to almost anything.

Kombucha flavor ideas

The supplies:



  • Kombucha that has been through the first ferment.
  • Fruits, herbs, and roots of your choice
  • A funnel and ladle
Supplies for second fermentation

A note on bottles: 

You will want to find bottles with thick glass and a tight seal. You can reuse store bought kombucha bottles, or these are a great option!

Kombucha brewing How To:

A great SCOBY!

Step 1: Take your SCOBY out of your brewing vessel, and set it aside in a bowl…measure out 2 Cups of Kombucha to use as your starter tea for your next batch.

Step 2: Cut up or juice your fruit of choice and place in the bottom of each bottle. Some fruits I choose to juice so that they are already broken down with all the sugars available for the yeast to eat up. It’s totally a personal preference.

For this batch I chose pineapple. A favorite summer flavor!

Recycled bottles for Kombucha brewing
Adding fruit to flavor the Kombucha



Step 3: Use your funnel and ladle to carefully add the kombucha to each bottle…be sure to leave an inch or so of headspace to allow room for expansion as the fizzy pressure builds!

Step 4: Seal the lids tight and place in a space that’s not too warm, and out of direct sunlight. Let them ferment another few days, and you’re all set!

Bottling Kombucha for the second ferment


Now this is important. Each day during this second fermentation, you will need to carefully open each bottle and let some air escape, then reseal until the next day. This is called “Burping” your bottles, and it’s necessary so that the pressure from the fizz build up can release a bit, or else your bottle might explode and break! (This is why you need thick glass!) I advice you to burp the bottles over your kitchen sink, because sometimes excess kombucha can fizz up over the top and make a mess!

Kombucha brewed at home!



After a few days, when your kombucha is fizzy and delicious like you’d like it to be, you’re done!

Now place your bottles in the fridge and enjoy at your lesiure. The cold slows the fermentation process, so don’t worry, the fizz level will stay just where it’s at. I prefer to drink my kombucha with a straw, so the acidity doesn’t wear at the enamel on my teeth.

Congratulations, you’ve just made your own kombucha, right at home!

Now you repeat the process, with your SCOBY and starter tea, setting up another batch to go through the first ferment…and on and on it goes! Nutrient dense, probiotic rich, magical, gut healing, refreshing fizzy tea, right at home!


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about Kombucha brewing, and have fun experimenting with different flavors!

SCOBY and tea for Kombucha brewing

Good luck and happy brewing!


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