February ’21 Bullet journal spread

Anybody else absolutely OBSESSED with checking out other people’s bullet journal spreads?? Keeping a bullet journal sure isn’t for everyone, but I have really loved using one to organize my thoughts and plans in a fun way! I am no artist, but designing each layout has been a great outlet for creativity! Here’s a close look at my February bullet journal spread!


 I didn’t use to really like pinks very much, but now I really, really, really love them! Soft pretty pinks are perfect for this Valentines month, with simple rose doodles and kraft paper accents.

February bullet journal

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My favorite bullet journaling supplies:

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It’s not necessary to have a cozy space with candlelight and a mug of something hot…but it does make it feel special and peaceful. I almost went with a regular, fill-in-the-blank planner for this year, since that’s easier. But I decided that I enjoy this process and the finished product so much, that I should carve out the time each month to sit down and create a spread that’s lovely to look at and functional for my specific planning needs.

February bullet journal

I started out the month with a cover page featuring a sweet love poem, and a giant blush rose on a dutch door page.  Dutch doors are very easy, but add so much depth and interest! I use them for almost all of my monthly cover pages.

I love how can see the row of tiny roses, peeking from the page underneath!

dutch door rose
February Calendar

Organizing my bullet journal:

Let’s get to it! This page is the monthly calendar.  I used pink accent colors for the numbers and week days, with some tiny rose doodles all over the page. Keeping this space simple and clean, so I can use it as a general overview of the month. The weekly layout is where I’ll hammer out all the details of my upcoming plans. 

I also added a little spot to record my tops three focuses or goals for this month. When I get to the end of February, what do I want to see consistency in? The answer for me this month was working out, sticking to my routine, and blogging here on this site! It’s nice to have those reminders fresh, right in front of me. 

February calendar spread
Routine Spread


I have enjoyed adding in a page for writing out my ideal routine. This has been so helpful to peek at when my day gets scrambled or distracting. Routines are grounding!

Next to that is a half page, with a habit tracker. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the important things I want to be consistent in each day. Simple things like vitamins & water, as well as more involved things like working on this blog every day. 

Bullet journal tracker

Some suggested habits to track, as you work on the practice of discipline: 

  • workouts
  • water intake
  • waking or bed time
  • reading half an hour a day
  • house reset before bed
  • screen free hour
Bullet journal habit tracker
awesome things bujo tracker


Next, I added this page in, “The most awesome part of each day”, for this February bullet journal, and I love it!

Starting a bullet journal is about getting organized, yes. But it’s also about journaling! Keeping the practice of writing down my favorite part of each day, something that I’m grateful for, helps me check my mind and heart. Is there a part of life that you’re struggling to keep up with, emotionally? Think about it and see if you can come up with a page in your bujo that helps you through.

My new weekly layout:

Onto my weekly layouts! This design was taken from the amazing Amanda Rach Lee. If you don’t watch her Youtube channel you are so missing out! She used this style for her July 2020 spread, and it’s perfect for my needs. You cut through 4 pages, 2/3 of the way down the page…the top section is for your days of each week and you lay this out however you prefer. Then the bottom section is for tabs of to-dos for the whole month. The tabs make it easy to sort tasks by type or priority, which makes this whole lay out so customizable to your needs!

I love that I can glance through my goals and action steps for the entire month, while working through my plans for each week – it’s all-inclusive, and I love that!

February weekly layout
monthly tabs
to-do list tabs
February bujo spread
bujo weekly lettering


Keeping my weekly design simple, with vertical space and the days of the week incorporated into the top line of the box. This is just a simple way to dress up the page! Each week as I sit down to plan, I might add a few doodles or tape here and there. 

A fresh, blank week is so happy! Here I’ll add the general layout, any appointments or to-dos, and break down my tasks for the week. 

And that’s it for this February bullet journal! Anything inspire you to try it out? 

February Bullet journal 2021

Thanks friends, happy planning!


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  1. I love the idea of a page for “the most awesome part of each day”! I’m totally stealing that one!
    Keep the ideas coming Mal!

  2. Your roses are absolutely adorable and so sweet to look at! I LOVE seeing your organization tips!!! Inspires me!

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