Step out of Line

Yellow Stars & Vaccine Cards: Step out of Line

That sentence dictates an action. A physical stepping away from the line of folks who are walking toward an end that isn’t pretty. That’s the story behind this phrase. A Jewish woman asked her Nazi guard, as she stood in the line of victims waiting to be shot, “What would happen if I simply stepped out of line, right now?” The Nazi replied, “Well. I wouldn’t shoot you. I don’t know if anyone else would, but I wouldn’t.” She stepped out line. She lived. She survived. She went on to see freedom and change and her children’s children, living in a better world.

Learning patience

Big Sister: 5 Reasons Why I am Grateful for this Role

But before I was a mom, I was a big sister. I literally hold no memory of not being a big sister. I was 2 1/2 years old when my little brother, Jackson, was born. He was my real life baby doll and I adored everything about him right from the start. There would be seven more little “baby dolls” to come. (Are you keeping count? Eight little siblings, plus me, plus my one big brother…That’s a grand total of ten kids!)