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Biblical Children’s Books that are packed with Big Truth

Reading is such a joy to me! I grew up loving books of all kinds, devouring novels and biographies, and saying yes to every small child asking me to read them a story. Children’s books hold a special place in my heart. The magic of learning through beautiful books is unmatched! I so enjoy adding to our family library, finding books that are full of rich themes and sweet pictures, whimsical, educational and fun. But I have also discovered that there are so many Biblical children’s books, full of big truth. Laying the foundation for theology and the Gospel starts early and these books are wonderful resources to have on your kiddos’ shelf!

The "Very Best Bible Stories":

From The Good Book Company, a set of 6 books that share different stories from the Bible, where God showed up in BIG ways! Each book has beautiful artistry, with expressive fonts and a comprehensive theme that make these stories come to life.

You can also pre-order Esther and the Very Brave Plan now!

Moses and the very Big Rescue
Very Best Bible Stories
Jonah picture book

Theology Trio:

Theology board books
Baby book about God

From Crossway, this darling set of three board books shares the simple truth on some big theology. The pleasing illustrations go along with the characteristics and natures of:

God board book

Sweet Scripture:

From the Creators of the Jesus Storybook Bible, these Board books are inspired from pieces of scripture. Lovely pictures with simple words that reflect sweet verses of truth.

Psalm 23 Board book
Found Psalm 23

Baby Believer Primers:

From Harvest House Publishers, a set of primers that each focus on a specific category of learning, with a Biblical theme. These darling little baby books are full of creative pictures, and so much scripture. I love these SO much!

Bible animal board book

Tales that Tell the truth:

There are ten books in this series, and each of them are rich in Gospel truth. Colorful, with wonderful illustrations and comprehensive storytelling, they each point to the over arching meta-narrative of the Bible. I want to collect the entire set!

And you can pre-order Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer, and The Big Wide Welcome.

The Garden the Curtain the Cross

The Daily Grace Co:

Daily Grace Co books

This is a company that I recommend all the time, for their beautiful and amazing Bible studies! You should check them out! But I also love their children’s resources. Board books, workbooks, flash cards and more! 

The Biggest Story:


Kevin Deyoung has written one of the very best Biblical children’s books ever, bringing the beautiful meta-narrative of the Scripture to life. The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden takes us from the beginning of Creation, all the way through the Israel’s walk through this world, to the cross and empty tomb. A complete picture of the whole Gospel, with King Jesus defeating death and offering eternity to all who follow Him. There is a sweet 30 minute video that goes along with it. I have used this as a Sunday School tool many times. If you only get one book on this list, get this one!

I also love The Biggest Story ABC board book! So cute and goes along with the original book. Perfect for your baby!

The biggest story
The Biggest Story by Kevin Deyoung

Wherever you go:

Wherever you go I want you to know

Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know by Melissa Kruger is so very cute! A spin off of Dr. Seuss’s All the Places You’ll Go, the whimsical drawings and silly rhymes lead up to the one thing that parents want for their kids: that they would know and love Jesus. This book is so fun and endearing, a must for your library shelf!

Biblical Children's books

This book list is long, but by no means exhaustive. There are SO many solid, beautiful Biblical Children’s books for babies and kids that are full of truth, theology, and love from Jesus. I love surrounding our little Jackson with this kind of literature, because it points to the greatest book of all time – the Word of God. 

Hope you love these books as much as I do!


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