hey there, I'm Mal Grace...

My favorite fashion finds, along side beautiful home design pieces.

Fellowship and discipleship is critical among followers of Jesus. Diving into His truth together, as we walk in step with the Spirit!

I am passionate about living and eating in a way that’s natural, holistic and raw. Ever learning how to best take care of the bodies God has given us!

Living in earnest diligence, with lot’s of grace-based productivity tips.

Tackling a project together is my favorite thing! Finding an inexpensive and handmade way to add lovely things to life & home.

A healthy SCOBY to make Kombucha

Kombucha Brewing At Home – First Fermentation

Kombucha brewed at home!

Kombucha Brewing at Home - Second fermentation

Newborn Essentials: My Top Picks for the first three months

Learning patience

Big Sister: 5 Reasons Why I Am Grateful For This Role

reading with baby

Biblical Children's Books that are Packed with Big Truth

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